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What Do I Expect

What Do I Expect


We understand that visiting a new Church for the first time can leave you feeling a little apprehensive. Where do I go? What do I wear? What can I expect? We trust that the following information will make it easier for you as you walk through our doors.

  1. Every Sunday, our Sunday Morning Service starts at 9:30am, and the Evening Service starts at 5:00pm.
  2. We have plenty of carpark, please do not hesitate to park across Royal Street (in front of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church) your car on an empty space provided for cars. Please DO NOT park at the back of the building of the church.
  3. At our front doors we have two friendly smiling church staff waiting to welcome you to our Services, and help you find a seat. If you have any questions, these folks will do what they can to assist, so please feel free to ask.
  4. Our church members and church-goers wear their clothes that honour the Lord.
  5. We have three separate toilets – one for ladies, another for gentlemen, and one for disabled folks.
  6. Every Sunday we have one Doctrine Class for everyone and Sunday School class for children right before the Preaching Service starts.
  7. You can watch and hear our Godly, soul-stirring, old-fashioned music throughout the service, with our Song Leader guiding us all in the singing. The Pastor will then make any necessary announcements and ask the ushers to come forward to receive the offering. We do not expect visitors to give in the offering if they do not want to.
  8. Usually another song comes after this, and sometimes a special item in song may also be presented.
  9. Following this, you will be challenged by the clear, straightforward preaching from God’s Word by our Pastor.
  10. At the conclusion of the service, the Pastor will sometimes give an ‘invitation’ or an ‘altar call’. This gives opportunity for those who have made decisions during the service to come forward for a special time of prayer if they choose to do so. Many also avail themselves of this moment to come forward to offer up an extra special prayer of thankfulness. If you would like Pastor to pray with you, he is more than happy to do so.

If you are still uncertain of the location of some room or service, our Ushers would love to direct you, and even escort you to the right place!

Please remember,we do care for your soul.

From Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, Perth, WA, Australia
  • Church Service Times

    Sunday Morning:
    Doctrine Class - 9:30am
    Preaching Service - 10:40am

    Sunday Evening:
    Evening Service - 5:00pm

    Wednesday Night:
    Bible Study & Prayer Meeting - 7:00pm
    Note: Please ring the Pastor on 9459 1233 for further details.

    Friday Night:
    Bible Studies - 7:00pm (in various homes) Note: Please ring the Pastor on 9459 1233 for further details.

    Church Meeting Place:
    Please click this for the church's address
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To All Interested to Learn the King James Bible:

The Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church has been teaching Textual Criticism on Bible translations and the King James Bible during doctrine class. Should you be interested, you are invited to attend at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday. Our Church’s address is 11-13 Royal Street, Kenwick WA 6107. Please park your car in the carpark (in an empty space provided for cars) at the back of the school building of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church . For further details please contact the Pastor on 9459 1233.

—The Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church

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