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The Baptist Romance!

Some Churches Remove Baptist Name Others Should

By Dr. Art Wilson 932 W. Kearney Springfield, MO 65803 (417) 866-7219

Five Times past president of the Baptist bible Fellowship International

What a romance! he met her when she was a pretty, vivacious 19-year old. The beam in her eyes, the upstanding moral decency and her effervescent personality literally stole his attention away from all other girls.

Before her 21st birthday, he had persuaded her that nothing or no one else on earth could make his life as happy and as fulfilling as could she. Embracing her at the wedding he whispered, “I love you truly, truly dear.” then speaking out before God and witnesses he said, “I will cleave only unto thee as long as we both shall live.” what a romance! They each had considered God’s way was to “be fruitful” and expressed their desires mutually to raise a family. Not only was she to him all that a man would desire in a mate – a good cook and housekeeper- but also an abiding best friend and lover.

In unison both their desires were met, and they were drawn even closer together by the children born to their happy and enjoyable union. After one year a baby boy brought ecstasy into their home. They drew even closer in all ways. After 18 years of super joy and satisfaction, he became somewhat cold toward her. It was hard for her to understand what was changing him.

He met a man at his job who also had a large family but had begun to grimace under the financial and social responsibilities. That man caused him to think likewise. So, without notifying either wife, they left and outright abandoned their own “darling wife” and “precious children” and moved – without even a good-bye note – to another state.

Not only did “darling wife” and “mother” of his seven children get abandoned, but it was learned years later that he even changed the spelling of his name. I know this story quite well. His “darling” was my mother, and the man that was led astray was my father. They never saw each other again.

As it was way back then, so it is – and far worse – today. Some men cannot take it when the burden of a family becomes theirs. They are easily led astray and can drop their family and go under another name because “true husband,” “faithful father,” and “dependable provider” are too antiquated for them. Neither do they reflect the more progressive spirit of today’s society.

Now think of the thrilling and moving SPIRITUAL romances some of our fine men in the ministry have had in their past. courted by the Holy Spirit in a Baptist church, saved by Christ the Saviour in a Baptist church, baptized in the name of the Father and the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Ghost in a Baptist church; taught and trained in a Baptist church and/or Baptist school; called of God to preach because of a Baptist church or Baptist youth camp; and for most of them – found their wife in a Baptist church or school; then were ORDAINED TO THE BAPTIST MINISTRY (to the upholding of the historical and Biblical Baptist distinctives); and then ultimately became pastor of a Baptist church, persuading that body of Baptists that they believed what the Baptists have always believed.

From Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, Perth, WA, Australia
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