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How Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?

How Can A Loving God Send People To Hell?

By:  Romeo B. Macale,   B.S.E., LL.B., M.Ed.

an from the beginning of creation has been a sinner.  God, the Creator of the universe, pronounced on him the death penalty after his flagrant violation of God’s one and only one Law (Genesis 2:16, 17; 3:12, 13).  Since then he is destined for Hell forever.  He does not deserve to be redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ.  He does not fit for Heaven.  What he deserves is Hell.  Because of his sin all mankind became sinners before God.  There is not a single person, on the surface of the earth who does what is right (Romans 3:10-12).  All mankind absolutely deserve Hell.  Unless God intervenes, everyone, young or old, male or female, regardless of race, creed, or colour is headed for Hell.

But, praise God, He intervened and demonstrated His love toward this people (John 3:16).  As an evidence of His love, He sent His only Son the Lord Jesus Christ as a ransom for sinners to pay the death penalty.  However, not all in fact the majority of this people did not care for God’s love.  Not all are willing to repent of their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as Personal Lord and Saviour of their lives.  Some of them do not believe that God even exists.  Others are indifferent to the Gospel.  Other followers prefer to stay on their religions, cults, movements, associations or groups rather than separate from them and follow God’s way.

In spite of these circumstances, here comes the question, “How can a loving God send people to Hell?”  The answer to this question is quite simple.  One, this people are sent to Hell because they deserve it.  And, two, they do not believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  In other words, they are sent to Hell because they are not saved.  They do not like the intervention of God in their lives.  It appears, therefore, there is no Scriptural warrant for reversing the death judgment already pronounced on them (John 3:18).

The lack of faith in Christ is influenced by the following factors.  Firstly, by ignoring God’s invitation for salvation.  The Bible – God’s Word is full of invitations to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  In John 3:16, any sinner is invited to have faith in Christ and be forever saved from eternal death and Hell.  Yet, only a few heeds this invitation.  The majority of the people ignore it.  Some would say, “Well, I do not need Christ.  It is just foolishness.  I am too good to come to Him.  That message is only for those criminals.”  And other excuses of similar import.

God’s Word abounds with consequences for not obeying it – the Bible.  Few of these warnings are found in John 12:48; Ezek 18:20; Rev. 21:8; “he that rejecteth me and receiveth not my words.”  In the same manner despite of these warnings, they just ignore them.

Secondly, by following the wrong prescription.  The Bible prescribes the right direction for salvation.  It directs that it is faith on the Lord Jesus Christ plus nothing minus nothing that saves a sinner from death and Hell.  But, the sinner is not satisfied with this instruction.  What he does, he clings to his religion, cult, movement, philosophy or wisdom.  He must be reminded that the following teaching are entirely wrong for one to be saved in Christ.  One, the assumption that God has saved every one from going to Hell.  It claims that since God is a loving God, He cannot send even a single sinner to Hell.  If this theory is true, Satan, Judas, and the evil angels are saved.  But, this is wrong.  The Bible says that Hell is prepared for these beings.

Two, the belief that the Bible is just legendary or mythological.  The Bible is just a collection of fairy tales or ancient stories the events of which did not happen in history.  There is trouble on this claim.  The science of archaeology attests that events found in the Bible are undeniable facts of history.

Three, the denial of the existence of God.  Its advocates state that no matter how much scientists ransack all the sciences this universe can provide God cannot be found.  Hence, God does not exist.  However, this statement is unfounded.  The Bible says that only fools deny the existence of God (Psalm 14:1).  Ordinary people can understand God’s existence.  To illustrate this point:  If one sees a wrist watch, there must be a watchmaker.  To allege that there is no watchmaker despite of the existence of a wrist watch is complete stupidity.  How much more if one looks at this universe.  Its design is complicated.  To say that no one designed it is contrary to reason and scientific principles.

Four, the claim that man is essentially good.  This theory is common among the New Age Movement, Mind Sciences, Witchcraft, etc.  It asserts man is potentially good.  He has the capacity to perform extra-ordinary things.  He has the ability to be god.  Thus, he does not need any other God for he is god himself.  This theory is difficult to uphold.  The Bible says otherwise.  Man is absolutely sinful and depraved (Romans 3:10-18).  Man needs God to be good and righteous.

Five, the theory of the insufficiency of Scripture as authority for direction of the salvation of sinners.  Since the Bible is not authoritative, they need other sources in order that man to be saved.  These sources prescribed that the sinner can be saved: (1) doing good deeds to his fellowmen, (2) joining a church, (3) baptism, (4) prayer, (5) following traditions, (6) subscribing to good philosophies, and many others.  If joining a church is a true criterion for salvation, this writer will openly recommend sinners to join the Baptist churches as means for salvation. However, these cannot be supported by the Scripture.  The Bible says that these sources cannot save a person from sin except through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 4:10-12; Ephesians 2:8,9).

How about you, dear reader?  Do you want to continue heading for Hell?  If not, why not repent of your sins and trust the Lord Jesus Christ in faith NOW.  If you need help on this area, please click this to send me an email.

From Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, Perth, WA, Australia
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