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Hi, we are Baptist believers saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ plus nothing minus nothing. We worship God and study His Word in a rented gym of Rehoboth Christian College in Kenwick, Western Australia, 6107. It is our desire to reach the people in Perth metropolitan area and teach them the Word of God.

As we are just renting the facilities at present, we have been praying to God to provide us a permanent church location before the management of Rehoboth Christian College remove us (they can kick us out at anytime at their discretion). As believers, we have been praying to purchase a piece of land where we can build our church building for the Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church. So, we appeal to you to please help us through your sincere donation (please use the donation button below should God lead you to give) for the work of God and His ministry. We are thanking you in advance for your benevolence. – Members of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church.


From Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church, Perth, WA, Australia
  • Church Service Times

    Sunday Morning:
    Doctrine Class - 9:30am
    Preaching Service - 10:40am

    Sunday Evening:
    Evening Service - 5:00pm

    Wednesday Night:
    Bible Study & Prayer Meeting - 7:00pm
    Note: Please ring the Pastor on 9459 1233 for further details.

    Friday Night:
    Bible Studies - 7:00pm (in various homes) Note: Please ring the Pastor on 9459 1233 for further details.

    Church Meeting Place:
    Please click this for the church's address
  • Repentance: Missing From Pulpits Today

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    Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church
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To All Our Churchgoers:

Please be informed that Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church has moved to and held their Sunday Church Services in 11-13 Royal Street, Kenwick WA 6107. Please park your car across Royal Street (in front of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church) in an empty space provided for cars. Please DO NOT park at the back of the building of the church. For further details please contact the Pastor on 9459 1233.

—The Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church

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