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Rapture Of The Saints

WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT THE RAPTURE? By Dr. Raymond Barber (Loyal Pastor for 35 Years of the Worth Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas) “But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.” For if we believe that Jesus died…

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Freemasons: Roots & Links To The Occult

Freemasons: Roots & Links To The Occult By Teresa Morris “Freemasonry is not Christianity, nor a substitute for it. It does not meddle with sectarian creeds or doctrines, but teaches fundamental religious truth.” (Albert G. Mackey, “Encyclopedia of Freemasonry,” page 162) “Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets…

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Death Penalty & The Bible

Capital Punishment and the Bible by Dave Miller, Ph.D. The Bible is the written Word of God. Within its pages, we find the wisdom of God. We find what is best for the human race—how God intends for life to be conducted. What is God’s view of capital punishment? Both the Old Testament as well…

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Isn’t Easter In Acts 12:4 A Mistranslation In The King James Bible?

Isn’t Easter In Acts 12:4 A Mistranslation In The King James Bible? QUESTION: Isn’t “Easter” in Acts 12:4 a mistranslation of the word “pascha” and should it be translated as “passover”? ANSWER: No, “pascha” is properly translated “Easter” in Acts 12:4 as the following explanation will show. EXPLANATION: The Greek word which is translated “Easter”…

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Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

What a Christian Jew has to say about Christmas… by Charles Halff Up until 25 years ago, I used to celebrate Christmas as much as – or even more than – any Gentile. You might think that is strange since I was born and raised in a Jewish home. But my family always had a…

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The Negative Side Of Positive Preaching

The Negative Side of Positive Preaching By Wayne Goforth The Preliminaries: In recent years, I have attended many gospel meetings in which a verse was read at the beginning of the lesson…followed by 20 minutes of after dinner stories, and the next verse was at the invitation. Now, they may not have preached any error,…

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Isn’t Easter In Acts 12:4 A Mistranslation In The King James Bible?

Read on AV1611 Ministries.

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The Real Roots Of The Emergent Church

The Real Roots Of The Emergent Church More on Perilous Times News What’s So Dangerous About the Emerging Church? Hi, I’m Phil Johnson and I’m here in the studio with John MacArthur. And we’ve set aside the next hour or so to discuss a movement known as the Emerging Church. Now, John, that’s going to…

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U.S. Manufactured Ebola, AIDS, Etc.

Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, DoD? Scientists allege deadly diseases such as Ebola and AIDS are bio weapons being tested on Africans. Other reports have linked the Ebola virus outbreak to an attempt to reduce Africa’s population. Liberia happens to be the continents’s fastest growing population. Read more on Perilous Times News..

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What Is A Historic Baptist?

What is an Historic Baptist? By David A. West, Sr.1             The following set of beliefs and distinctives comes directly from the pages of God’s infallible Word. They represent what mainstream Baptists have believed and practiced down through the centuries. The Historic Baptist Faith is synonymous with New Testament Christianity. A New Testament Christian will…

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    Bible Studies - 7:00pm (in various homes) Note: Please ring the Pastor on 9459 1233 for further details.

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Please be informed that Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church has moved to and held their Sunday Church Services in 11-13 Royal Street, Kenwick WA 6107. Please park your car across Royal Street (in front of Metropolitan Bible Baptist Church) in an empty space provided for cars. Please DO NOT park at the back of the building of the church. For further details please contact the Pastor on 9459 1233.

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